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Sat, Dec 31, 2005

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Apparently it's obligatory for blogs to have these things these days...

So: Me, the person who writes this blog


(I'm the one with the black t-shirt)

Name: Dominic Humphries
Born: 26 February 1977
Live: West Sussex, England
Past: Born in Ashford, Kent
      Moved to Saudi Arabia when I was 2
      Moved back to Ashford when I was 5
      Moved to Kent a few years later
      Failed my Eleven-Plus
      Got my 11+ condoned and went to a grammar school
      Left school with A-levels in Maths, Biology and Chemistry
      Went to a university to do Applied Biochemistry
      Left university with a BSc(hons) in 1999
      Got a job with a pharmaceutical company
      Moved in with my g/f of the time
      After 8 years at the company, quit to try teaching
      Split up with g/f
      Met next g/f via our blogs
      Quit the PGCE teacher training course
      Split up with g/f
      Lacking better ideas, went on a trip round Europe
      Came back
      Realised I was suffering from depression
      Prescribed Prozac, refused to take it
      Moved near Worthing to rent a room from my best friend
      Got a job invigilating at the local school
      Finished invigilating, worked in LA as a web developer for a while
      Came back from LA, got a job as a programmer
      Got a motorbike to make the commute more bearable
      And so life goes on...

Well, that seems to cover a lot of the basics...

This is "geekblog" because I tried keeping 'normal' blogs before and got nowhere, so stopped trying to be normal and started to just write whatever I was interested in and to hell with whether readers liked it or not. As a result, I've been on the front page of digg and del.icio.us several times

It's "oneandoneis2" because that name came to mind when I needed a unique username once and has since stuck.

I have a deep and abiding fondness for Linux; the command line; vi; C; Firefox; kit cars. I have an equally deep and abiding hatred for any software, device or machine that tries to be helpful and do things for me.

My life goals include going back to university to do a couple more degrees; building a couple of kit cars; setting up a metalworking workshop; writing a book; learning to program; building a PC with 100% working open-source Linux drivers.

I'm 6'4". Most people are surprised to learn I can dance. People have a strange tendency to trust me even before they've met me face-to-face. I'm currently single and happy that way.

And that, I think, is enough to be going on with...


Jackie Fitzgerald
Comment from: Jackie Fitzgerald [Visitor]
I stumbled on this article in reddit which my son told me about. He's 24 and a programmer and my very favourite self confessed geek, I have to say I am full of admiration for you all, you are logical and clever and thoughtful to help out other people. Fair dues to you, I'll say a prayer for you and ask Him to file it under whatever your faith is. Nice picture of you and your pals. Well done.
15/06/09 @ 18:11
William Dye
Comment from: William Dye [Visitor]
Hi Dominic: A very well written article "Linux is not Windows". Thank you for the well thought out examples. I am thinking of starting out a new computer business selling Linux boxes. Nothing new there, but my computers can only be purchased with a class about how to install, configure, break & fix the software, and how to get help. Kind of the give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach him how to fish he will eat for a life time. Anyway I would like to get permisssion from you to use your article as a teaching tool. Thank you in advance, Bill
23/08/09 @ 21:32
Mark B.
Comment from: Mark B. [Visitor]
Thank you for the well written article "Linux is not Windows" it really helped me understand why I was so confused 2 years ago when I first tried to use Linux as my primary OS for the first time. Only to fail due to missing some key fundamental points of how different the foundations are even if the gui's look almost the same.

Especially helpful to me was the point you made about how highly knowledgeable windows users need to releize that it may actually be harder for them to learn the OS then someone who is just starting and it made me realize that the sooner I get rid of the "in windows its works this way, so I will try that first in Linux" mentality.

The quicker I will get over the learning curve that comes with learning how to use Linux and at same time have a better chance of actually appreciating Linux for what it is.

Your post left me feeling really confident that I will be successful in using it as my main OS this time around.


03/01/10 @ 08:45
Comment from: DarkHorsePaleRider [Visitor]
What'd up OneAndOneIs2,

Can you suggest a free Linux OS I can download?

Thank in advance,
07/03/10 @ 13:44
Donn Edwards
Comment from: Donn Edwards [Visitor] · http://www.fact-reviews.com
I found your defrag articles while researching for my Windows Defrag web site. Please may I reprint them in their entirety on my site? They clarify a lot about why Linux users don't experience fragmentation as a performance issue, and I think Windows users could learn a lot from them. It might also introduce some sanity into the Windows defrag debate.

I know you have a Creative Commons license, but I'm asking because I think it is the right thing to do anyway.
27/06/10 @ 09:34

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