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Sat, Dec 31, 2005

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This blog is powered by b2evolution


See? :o)

Its appearance, or skin, is my own work, but is derived from the Natural Pink design that comes with the default:

[natural pink]

b2evolution is a multi-blog, multi-user application hosted on my own webserver. If you comment here regularly, you can create your own account here. You'll notice when you do that your name will have [Member] rather than [Visitor] beside it in comments. There's a few other minor perks to having an account, but nothing major at the moment.

Default b2evolution is fully standards-compliant in all respects - the XHTML, the CSS, the RSS feeds, all are within W3C guidelines. I do my best to keep my blog that way, and I'm quite proud of the fact that no errors or warnings are generated by my skin or posts. I do have a google adsense frame which sadly isn't compliant, but since that can be adblocked and isn't actually a part of the page itself, I don't consider it significant.

My sidebar has a few fairly unique features. Firstly, the blogroll is more than just links to other blogs I read: It's 'live'. Each entry is made up of two lines. The first is static, and just links to the blog. The second line is dynamic: The text is the date and title of the most recent post; the 'link' icon will show the first few lines of that post when you mouseover it; and the whole line links to that specific post rather than the blog itself.

Below that are My Links, which are also slightly more active than usual: The link to my Facebook profile also shows my most recent status update; The link to last.fm shows the most recent music track I played; and the link to Flickr tells you what photo I last uploaded.

All these dynamic features are made possible courtesy of MagpieRSS and you can find posts on how I configure it using the built-in search should you be interested.

Somewhat sneakily, if you mouseover the icon beside the "My Links" heading, you'll see that it's actually a link to a page named contacts.htm - this is not a real page, but a little application designed to kill email-gathering spam bots: Click on it and you'll find a page filled with fake email addresses and links to other pages, which are also filled with emails and yet more links, and so on, ad infinitum. A well-designed bot will simply collect millions of fake emails; a less-well-written one will be overwhelmed and crash. Either is fine by me! If you want it for your blog, look up spampoison

There's an icon showing my membership to the Free Software Foundation below that. I don't always agree with their stance on software, but I think they're worth supporting in general. Plus I got this really cool bootable USB membership card :o)

There's a few bits & pieces below that, including a couple of stats-generators. I like the map of the world one with all the red dots that show you where your visitors come from.

Lastly, at the bottom of the page, you'll see a Creative Commons entry. This essentially gives more permissions than standard copyright allows but without making everything public-domain. Essentially, everything I write and publish is copyright, but you can copy it within certain limits. For specifics, click the link and read the license.

Any questions, feel free to comment and ask!

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