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Sat, Dec 31, 2005

[Icon][Icon]Comments guide

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Because I hate it when people don't explain how their blog will parse comments, here is a helpful guide that should answer all your questions.

The HTML tags that may be used are: p, ul, ol, li, dl, dt, dd, address, blockquote, ins, del, a, span, bdo, br, em, strong, dfn, code, samp, kdb, var, cite, abbr, acronym, q, sub, sup, tt, i, b, big, small, img

If you know HTML, that should tell you a lot. If not:

You make text italic by putting it between <em> </em> tags.

You make text bold by putting it between <strong> </strong> tags.

You put text into a quote field using the <blockquote> </blockquote> tags

You make clickable links using <a href="http://www.com">Link Text</a> - URLs will *not* be automatically made clickable.

Similarly, smilies do not get auto-replaced with icons: ":)" will be shown as ":)" not "[Smiley]". Should you wish to insert an icon rather than a text smiley, Click Here

To make text a certain color, place it inside <span class="COLOR"> </span> tags, with "COLOR" replaced with one of the following: red; orange; yellow; green; blue; purple.

To put a "greater than" (>) or a "less than" (<) sign into the comment, you must replace them with &gt; and &lt; respectively.

To have text show up console-style, typically because you want to use ASCII art, place it between <samp> </samp> tags.

So, to see a fully-featured example: To get this show up as a comment:


Extract from the blog post

You may say what you said, but I think you mean something else. And I think a quick scan of this website will tell you why!

Got it?!?!? [Smiley] >:(


you would need to put the following code in (brace yourself [Smiley])


<blockquote>Extract from the blog post</blockquote>
You may <strong>say</strong> <em>what you said</em>, but I think you <strong>mean</strong> <em>something else</em>. And I think a quick scan of <a href="http://www.google.com">this website</a> will tell you why!

<span class="red">Got it?!?!? </span><img alt="[Smiley]" src="http://geekblog.oneandoneis2.org/img/smilies/icon_twisted.gif" /> &gt;:(


That should tell you everything you need to know about my comment entry mechanism. If you have any remaining questions, post them here & I'll update the post!

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