Tue, Jul 19, 2011

[Icon][Icon]Bread and whine

• Post categories: Omni, Health, Rant, Technology, Cooking
Take some grapes. Pulp them in a machine and force them through filters to remove everything that isn't juice. Warm it up, chuck in enough yeast to make it a kind of thin slurry. Add a bunch of enzymes to break down the sugars. An hour later, filter i… more »

Tue, Apr 27, 2010


• Post categories: Omni, Health, My Life, Cooking
Chickens are the mechanism by which an egg produces more eggs. In general, my diet tends to be fairly carb-based. (Fans of the Fatkins diet be warned, I don't care what your opinion is. Go eat a donut.) But having started going back to the gym regular… more »

Sat, May 02, 2009


• Post categories: Omni, In The News, Cooking
I discovered the best orange syrup recipe by accident ages ago. It's this: Squeeze the juice out of some oranges & sift out the bits of flesh. Measure the volume of juice, then pour into saucepan Measure an equal volume of sugar, add to sauc… more »

Fri, May 01, 2009

[Icon][Icon]Busy busy

• Post categories: Omni, My Life, Cooking
I have so many posts in my head, but I never seem able to find the time to get them through the keyboard and onto the blog. So this is just a quick update to keep me from getting too far behind on everything. I've offically moved out of the house i… more »


Sun, Nov 25, 2007

[Icon][Icon]Naughty but nice..

• Post categories: Omni, My Life, Cooking
I had a sudden craving for an old favourite, and since I happened to have the ingredients I went out and cooked it. The recipe is on a scrap of paper I keep expecting to lose, so I'm going to shove it up here. That way I can't misplace it and the rest… more »

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