Wed, Apr 13, 2011


• Post categories: Omni, Health, Rant, My Life, Science:ItWorks
There was a time in my life when I'd watch nature documentaries and see a lion or tiger taking down a wildebeest or some such, and wonder if maybe the theory of evolution had got it wrong. Because evolution is supposed to favour sensible strategies, a… more »

Thu, Feb 24, 2011

[Icon][Icon]Brain clock

• Post categories: Omni, Science:ItWorks
They say you can't beat the clock. Your brain has a clock, and you can change its speed fairly easily. Which can give the illusion that you can, in fact, escape its influence. The truth is, though, that it controls almost every move you make. I ima… more »

Sat, Feb 05, 2011

[Icon][Icon]Feline Uncertainty

• Post categories: Omni, Rant, My Life, Science:ItWorks
The role of animals in scientific research is well-known.There was Pavlov, who proved that if you give a dog food after ringing a bell, eventually your dogfood bill will be so high that every time you hear a bell ring you'll get angry with the dog.… more »

Thu, Dec 02, 2010

[Icon][Icon]New roads

A while ago, I came across the idea of roads for the new millenium: Modular; Solar-powered; Computer-controlled. Big squares of glass that would provide good grip, generate power, and ease traffic congestion. You can see details of it at Solar Roadway… more »

Thu, Oct 21, 2010


• Post categories: Omni, My Life, Science:ItWorks
The weather has turned bitingly cold here. People at work come in complaining about having to scrape the ice off their windscreens before driving in. I look at them in disdain as I remove my frost-covered biking gloves... Yesterday, it was cold. There… more »

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